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The Best  Window Cleaning Service In Cheltenham

PureVision Window Cleaning Cheltenham

Why Choose PureVision Window Cleaning ?

  • Local, Reliable & Trustworthy.

  • We use a Reach & Wash system so you get complete privacy as ladders aren't used.

  • We reach the areas traditional window cleaners can't access. 

  • Reduced disturbance to you and your surroundings.

  • No Chemicals , No residue. Fully insured. 

  • All our work is fully guaranteed. We aren't happy unless you're happy.

  • Family run business.

  • We always provide you with a next due date, so you know when we'll turn up. And we promise to always turn up.

Customer - Testimonials

"...Alex even turned up when it was pouring with rain. He never lets you down. 

Mel Lea - Prestbury..."

"...Fantastic Service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to have their gutters cleaned. One of the best local gutter cleaning companies in Cheltenham.

 Helen Richardson - Fairview..."

"...Alex is scarily reliable. He never leaves until he has done a fantastic job.

Suzanne Cooper - Stoke Orchard..."

"...I've used your services a couple of times. Never disappointed me. Never overcharged me. A really decent company. Julia - Cheltenham...."

Quality & Value

At Purevision Window Cleaners we deliver the best quality window cleaning services at the most competitive rates in Cheltenham.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a no-obligation quote. We will do our utmost to work within your budget, without ever compromising on value and quality.

We appreciate that value for money is essential and will always give the most competitive quote in the area.

"...Fantastic service. Would highly recommend to anyone. 

The Suffolk Arms Tivoli, Cheltenham ..."

How We Clean Your Windows

Are you looking for the best window cleaner in the Cheltenham and surrounding areas? Would you like your windows to be cleaned using a natural and environmentally friendly method. Would you prefer to have your window's cleaned without the use of a ladder, so there isn't someone looking in through your windows?


If you do the the answer is our Reach and Wash, window cleaning system. All the work is carried out at ground level, so your privacy is assured. And we don't use any harsh window cleaning products, so your windows will be left gleaming and the environment unharmed.


When we fill our tanks with water it enters the system impure, the filter removes the sediment and chlorine, and then the reverse osmosis membrane removes 90% of the impurities which are pushed out through the waste line. The purer water is pushed through a resin filter which cleans out all of  the last impurities and this water is what goes through to our tank and then on to clean our clients windows and glass extensions. This purified water acts like a vacuum, absorbing dirt trying to get back to its impure state.  As our water is also heated, the membranes work faster and harder thus producing a far better job than all other cleaning methods. In using 100% pure water our cleaning process always produces a spotless, streak free finish and uses zero detergent. We also use this system when we clean conservatories as well.


Ourwater fed pole system uses a carbon fibre pole that feeds the purified water up the pole to the brush heads. The water is so dry it is left to dry naturally, which means there wont be any smears. The windows cleaned will sparkling and bright. We can window clean up to a height of 45 feet, so just give us a call and tell us what you would like us to do for you. 

At PureVision Window Cleaning we guarantee you will be left with a sparkling smear free window. The results are guaranteed. And best of all the Reach & Wash system is completely chemical free.

Call today for a FREE quote - Tel: 07749 798 949 or you can contact PureVision Window Cleaners right now with zero hassle. All you need to do is fill the Contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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